Saturday, August 15, 2015

"Hit and Miss" (2012 British TV Drama) Chloё Sevigny, Jonas Armstrong, Vincent Regan

Creator:      Paul Abbott

STORYLINE:  When her ex-girlfriend dies, a transgender contract killer is forced to contend with her 11-year-old son conceived before his transition.

COMMENTS:   Chloё Sevigny is a magnificent actress.  From the first frame to the last, she was entirely credible as a transgender in mid-transition, complete with breasts, but pre-operational.  There is a scene where she is dancing to music, and her feminine grace is heartbreakingly a sensual counterpoint to her masculine angularity.  Though she kills with efficient  quickness, never once did I think she was a monster.  Her anguished heart is all too apparent behind the cold, calculating mask of her killer self. Co-star Jonas Armstrong conveys the conflicted emotions of a man who cannot admit to himself he has fallen in love with a… man?  The children act with disarming vulnerability and sweetness, and the teens, played by actors already in their 20’s, while lacking the true awkwardness of teenage years, nevertheless make teenage angst a real evolution towards adulthood.  Vincent Regan, as the villain, is hateful as the cruel and vengeful neighbor.

The episodes are well-written, well-directed and well-produced, pulling its audience in with suspenseful promise.  Kudos to the creator who came up with the idea of throwing a cold-blooded killer into an environment which must inevitably reveal her vulnerable, broken heart.

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TAGS:  HIT & MISS, transgender, transexual, Chloё Sevigny, Jonas Armstrong, Vincent Regan, Carla Crome, Reese Noi, Sheree Folkson, Hattie Macdonald, Paul Abbott, Sean Conway

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