Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Unbroken" (2014) - starring Jack O'Connell; directed by Angelina Jolie

This is an absorbing motion picture, and director Angelina Jolie has accomplished in this film what many more seasoned directors have been unable to do in their biographical epics.  She has refused to surrender to the Hollywood manipulations of true stories and has crafted a great movie which honors and reveres Louis Zamperini, the man.  Where other directors might have tweaked the truth to generate a more sensational and dramatic movie, she has used admirable restraint by focusing on the man rather than the atrocities he endures.  This is integrity which is admirable in an industry which prioritizes the dollar sales of a movie rather than honoring the spirit of the man featured in the movie.

Notwithstanding Scott Rudin's alleged derogatory comments about Angelina Jolie's talents as a filmmaker and actress, UNBROKEN is a masterpiece of storytelling and a work which she can be proud of.

Jack O'Connell is an actor destined for many future great roles.  His portrayal of a man who refuses to be broken by circumstances and the ugly realities of war is breathtakingly real and genuine.  A strong recommend.

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