Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"THE REVENANT" (2015) - Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson

Director:     Alejandro G. Iňárritu
Writers:       Mark L. Smith; Alejandro G. Iňárritu; Michael Punke (book)
Actors:        Leonardo DiCaprio; Tom Hardy; Domhnall Gleeson

COMMENTS:   Based on the trailers, I had no interest in watching this movie about the early years of struggle among native Indians and the early colonization of the Americas. While I understand filmmakers of integrity want to capture authentic battle scenes on screen, I personally have no inclination to watching such types of movies.  Then, DiCaprio won the Oscar for Best Actor, and the film won Best Picture, so I decided It was worth my full attention.  AND… I was rewarded.  This is not a battle picture between two opposing factions, so much as it is one man’s personal battle to overcome physical pain and debility in order to live up to his personal honor of avenging his son’s death.  Then, finally, his last battle is within himself… will he surrender his  personal moral codes to a passionate hatred of the man who murdered his son.  DiCaprio immerses himself fully into his character and earns his Oscar win with every inch of progress towards his enemy.  Tom Hardy is profoundly believable as the antagonist in this drama.  Director Iňárritu is unquestionably a master of his craft.  My only wish is that the trailers had chosen other scenes which were less focused on the external battles and more on the internal ones.

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